I have helped hundreds of parties in conflict successfully resolve their issues. By finding creative ways to meet the needs of both parties - even in situations where you believe resolution without court intervention is impossible - I've assisted parties in resolving parenting, property distribution and financial support issues in connection with their separation and divorce. Because I am an attorney, I can provide legal information applicable to your situation which can provide a framework for your discussion. If children are involved, their best interests are always "at the table" and never overlooked. My job is also to help clarify the parties' issues so they can put their hands around each task and complete what needs to be done in the least painful way.


To understand how I approach mediation, it will be helpful to read my article "Mediation, An Alternative to the Ugly Divorce" (this will pop-off into a new window).




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Client Comments

"Lori was exceptionally professional and careful in managing my divorce. Both my ex-wife and I received fair treatment and we're both extremely satisfied with her work."

Joan: "Thank you for making the hardest thing in my life so much easier."

Theodore:"Only you could've gotten her to stay at the table and finish this thing."

Catherine: "You are the only person in the world we both can trust."