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Helpful Links

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  • Mediating Interim Agreements for Couples Contemplating Separation - Are you considering a change in your marriage, but a divorce or a formal separation seems premature? An article by Lori Goldstein

  • divorcesource.com -Provides access to state specific forms for property settlement agreements and parenting agreements, as well as relevant state law.

  • divorcehq.com -Provides a directory of services and lists of related books. The site also answers frequently asked questions on a state by state basis. It also gives tax and other financial information.

  • betterdivorce.com -Focuses on how to complete a responsible divorce, thereby minimizing negative effects on the children. This site also provides legal information on divorce.

  • millenniumdivorce.com -Devoted to providing divorce information and help, developed and written by divorce lawyers to answer questions.

  • nycollaborativeprofessionals.org -Provides information about the collaborative process of negotiating divorce.

  • mediate.com -Mediate.com is the most visited mediation website and has the most used Mediator Directory.